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After reading this, you will decide that it may be in your best interest to sit down and have a visit with Paul. He grew up on a small family farm in Michigan. A very magical place, especially around the holidays. As you may remember as a small child, your Grandparents and immediate family were so important to your upbringing. Family, Love, Trust, Loyalty, and of course, great food was instilled in his memory, and I hope yours. He watched his Parents and Grandparents work all day, every day,  just to survive. Their lives were a continuous struggle, even in later years. His job today is to make sure that your Retirement years are stress free and wonderful. Paul wants to see you live the retirement future that you have always dreamed and hoped for.

Imagine....years from now....you're sitting in your home at that very special place where you go to relax. That safe zone,  possibly a recliner or comfortable chair. Your thoughts wander to the past, to the day  that you and Paul first sat down and put this plan in place. You visualize the emotional freedom that this has given to both you, your spouse, and your family. You're relaxed, worry free, and feel great.

If you don't love your financial advisor today, maybe you and Paul should talk.

A Proven Approach


Paul starts by clarifying his fee structure and explaining the different ways he can help. Then he analyzes your goals and compares them to your current portfolio. He can then recommend an investment strategy designed to meet your risk tolerance. Paul believes in "bringing the future to the present" and looking at both the best and worst case scenarios. One investment strategy alone usually won't do it. Paul believes in using his " Multiple Boat Theory" of using many different types of investments working independently that may help to handle a multiple of market conditions.

Why Us?


 Gargano Financial Group  is a  financial planning firm that prides itself on unparalleled service and investment options. We are committed to providing unbiased advice and prudent strategies for investing. Our clients are like family and our services are always tailored to their unique needs. We provide retirement planning, estate planning, investment management, risk management, and tax planning. Our  approach allows us to truly partner with our clients to help them reach their goals. Our reward is satisfied clients!  

Paul's Philosophy


Multiple Boat Theory

 Paul's philosophy of investing involves looking at the investment world as if it were one very large ocean: calm at times, violent at times, and totally unpredictable. He then decides what type of vessels; or boats, would best fit the risk and goals of each individual client. Paul's clients use his "multiple  boat theory" to handle many different types of investment situations.

Retirees today are living longer and healthier lives. A couple in their sixties have a chance to see almost thirty years of retirement. Paul views this as a tough situation for many. Investing too conservatively can help to guard against immediate loss; while, not fighting the silent killer, inflation. Investing  too aggressively can cause an even larger and certain problem, a failed retirement.  A large loss within the first few years before and after retirement can devastate a family's future. Paul's game plan involves what he has titled  "a multiple boat theory." A submarine that can go under water if the weather turns violent. A speedboat that can take advantage of smooth seas. A modern day sailboat, designed to conform to many types of weather; while, targeting it's destination.  


About Paul


Paul M. Gargano, CFP®
Paul is a well known speaker, educator, and advisor throughout the United States. He is dedicated to helping clients make intelligent financial investment decisions. Paul's patience and determination ensure that every client is treated with high regard.
Paul earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Management  from University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He has multiple years of experience in both estate, wealth, and retirement planning. He will personally study the best strategies the financial services industry has to offer and tailor the perfect plan for you.

Paul and his wife, Donna have three children: Hanna, Anthony, and Ashleigh. In his spare time, Paul enjoys golfing, cooking, and sports cars.


My Family

This is a Family wedding picture of my daughter Hanna getting married a few years ago. Family always comes first and I do my best to treat all of my clients as if they are Family. Keeping a very small and private client base allows me to do this. If you care about your Family and feel that you would like to become a client, let's have a casual visit to see if we're a fit. Sometimes a second opinion is a life saver.  http://brokercheck.finra.org 

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