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Forget about 2008, it's done. Discussing the reasons why won't change the situation. I believe that the most important strategy today is to design an immediate game plan. A game plan that will give an investor the best chance for recovery when this market turns around. Many individuals that went through the market fall of 2000-2002 never completely recovered by 2007. I'll bet you're wondering why? They never put their recovery strategy in place. They just maintained and froze. What's your recovery strategy today?  Is it a strategy to get yourself back on track when the market recovers? Are you worse off today than you were nine years ago?

Everyone's risk tolerance and goals are different.  Going forward will likely be extremely difficult for those that have not saved a substantial amount of retirement funds. The stock market will always be a volatile and dangerous arena. Many retirees need stock positions in their portfolio to fight future inflation. I know that seems unfair. The cost of owning equities and fighting inflation is having to ride a roller coaster of emotions throughout retirement.  

 One last note: there are ways to use guarantees when it come to maintaining income through retirement. Clients that were using guarantees in 2008 can maintain both their income needs and establish a game plan while riding out this violent market. Retirees that did not use guarantees in 2008 are forced to be more cautious for both  their income needs and game plan. This is tough when your trying to get back on track.

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