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Paul's Philosophy

Paul's Philosophy
Paul's philosophy of investing involves looking at the investment world as if it were one very large ocean: calm at times, violent at times, and totally unpredictable. He then decides what type of vessels; or boats, would best fit the risk and goals of each individual client. Paul's clients use his "multiple  boat philosophy" to handle many different types of investment situations.

Retirees today are living longer and healthier lives. A couple in their sixties have a chance to see almost thirty years of retirement. Paul views this as a tough situation for many. Investing too conservatively can help to guard against immediate loss; while, not fighting the silent killer, inflation. Investing  too aggressively can cause an even larger and certain problem, a failed retirement.  A large loss within the first few years before and after retirement can devastate a family's future. Paul's game plan involves what he has titled  "a multiple boat philosophy." A submarine that can go under water if the weather turns violent. A speedboat that can take advantage of smooth seas. A modern day sailboat, designed to conform to many types of weather; while, targeting it's destination.

Paul believes that designing only one boat for all of your retirement funds could be very risky. One large hurricane and you're broke. Waking up at age sixty five and looking at a zero balance in one's retirement account is frightening.

Paul meets many new retirees that are only riding in one boat. This boat is a sailboat from the twenties: big, slow, and many times it will sink if it encounters a storm.

How are your boats designed?

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